Quality Policy

As part of a larger project, of continuous improvement, which aims to involve and empower not only ourselves but also the suppliers and workers employed, M.I.P. Srl has achieved ISO 9001: 2015 certification as a starting point for the following activities Design of molds and plastic materials and production of molds and injection and blow molding of plastic materials.

The Quality Management System (QMS) created by M.I.P. Srl was created in order to make an organizational model operational for the control of each activity aimed at achieving its corporate purpose, in accordance with the provisions of the law, voluntary regulations and any other regulation signed by M.I.P. S.r.l ..

The Quality Management System (QMS) represents the explicit will of the Management of M.I.P. Srl to pursue the following objectives in priority terms:

  • demonstrate the ability to provide products that comply with the mandatory requirements and the needs, expressed and implicit, of the customer;
  • measure the customer's perception of this ability in order to increase satisfaction;
  • improve the company organization and the performance of the company with reference to company policy and ISO 9001: 2015 standards (Quality management systems - Requirements), for which to obtain and maintain third-party certification;
  • demonstrate to interested parties that there is a system capable of guaranteeing continuous improvement of performance and provide results in line with the expectations of the various interested parties.

With reference to the above regulations, it is specified that all the related requirements are applicable.

The significant processes identified within the QMS of M.I.P. Srl They are divided into:


The phases of the relevant processes are identified and defined in their sequence and interactions in the process map (Module - Process map); they are also described in detail, when appropriate, in the Procedures and / or Operating Instructions.

The procedures of the significant processes regulate the control activities and the related responsibilities in order to guarantee compliance with the reference standards also for third-party companies and other subjects possibly operating on behalf of M.I.P. Srl .

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