Rapid prototyping (RP) is the technology enabling the creation of objects with even complex geometries, in a few hours and without the use of moulds, directly from the 3D mathematical model realised with any CAD 3D system.

The making of prototypes in 3D enables the faster and easier industrial development of new products, drastically reducing the times necessary for launching these products on the market.

The purpose of rapid prototyping is to check the balance between the functional and aesthetic attributes of the product.

These checks can also be made when it is necessary to restyle an existing product. In this case, rapid prototyping makes it possible to check the hybrid assembly of pieces designed ex novo and components already in production.

Our company is able to provide prototypes constructed with different technologies relative to the type of item.
Technologies generally employed are: powder syntering, stereolithography, milling (CNC-5axis).

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