Reverse Engineering

An important branch of Planning is Reverse Engineering, the reconstruction of a 3D mathematical model by means of surfaces (nurbs) and solids, starting from the cluster of points previously detected by scansion (STL).

After designing an object, it is necessary to have a tangible construction before starting production. An effective hands-on product is necessary to evaluate the quality, as well as aesthetic and ergonomic aspects.

This technique enables a rapid evaluation of the freshly-designed object so it can be modified or improved.

For certain projects an absolute value is given to the inverse planning path. After the customer has viewed a physical model with the spatial forms and sizes for use in operations, 3D models are prepared to define the engineering.

In fact, this process is called reverse engineering. It used to be done using probes for contact, now it can be done using systems such as laser scanning or by structured light which, interpolated with the software, returns a faithful image of the model with a tolerance of a few hundredths, perfectly integrated in the development process.

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