Design at the service of ideas

Ideas at the service of technology

Technology at the service of production

MIP Mould in progress

MIP S.R.L. is a young company, dynamic and flexible, distinguished for its elegant and original design: the concrete and complete answer to the numberless diversified needs in the professional world of industrial design.
To innovate forms and functions, interpreting and anticipating emergent aesthetic lines at the same time: this is our main objective.
The basic idea, matured in over twenty years' experience in the plastics sector, is to apply the short chain concept to the production of plastic components as well, integrating product development (design, engineering) with the most suitable production technology (injection moulding, blowing, etc...)


10 Nov

Soft Tools Program

In the context of continuous renewal and supply of an ever increasing number of services, we have prepared a new program for the development of soft tools in aluminum and / or steel, for plastics, such as to make the requested parts ready for use within 4. -5 weeks from the order

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